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About Expression Australian Shepherds

Expression Aussies is a family endeavor. My husband Charles and myself, Lisa, grew up with dogs of various parentage. Since moving out to the country with our two children in 1998, we have had a myriad of canine visitors. Some just stayed for a meal, others we were able to place in homes ourselves or thru breed rescue organizations, and a couple have made their permanent home here.
In 2004 we happened upon an agility trial in Fort Worth. After spending a couple of days watching and talking with people our youngest daughter, Robyn, decided it was something she would be interested in doing. At the time we didn't have a dog with the necessary drive to do agility, so we started checking into breeds that we had seen at the trial. During this time we decided on Australian Shepherds.
We researched the breed for about a year, going to ASCA and AKC shows, trials, events, and a wonderful genetic seminar given by C.A. Sharp. We met a lot of people and asked a lot of questions. We found everyone to be extremely friendly and willing to welcome newcomers. It was the people we met, as well as the personality of the breed itself, that hooked us.
In late 2004 we rescued an Aussie. He was a very neat dog, but had some issues. To our dismay he was killed shortly after he came to live with us. You can read his story on our Rainbow Bridge page. Several months after his death we purchased our first Aussie from Rick and Melinda Gann @ After All. That was the start of our kennel and it has been quite the learning experience.
We are committed to buying and breeding Aussies that not only meet the standard, but are genetically healthy too. Our focus is to have and breed Aussies that can do anything that is asked of them, while doing our best to help eliminate the health issues that plague our breed. We strongly believe in doing hip and eye exams, DNA testing, and genetic testing as it comes available.
We plan to keep our kennel small in order to be able to give each dog individual attention and training, and to stay focused on bettering the breed and the small details.


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